By Georges Pierre Sassine on December 02, 2013

This article originally appeared on December 02, 2013 on Blogs – Global Public Square.

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[…] Geopolitical, governance, economic and social issues are interconnected in Lebanon. But at least attempting to separate them can help avoid the complete political and economic paralysis that Lebanon is experiencing today.

Meanwhile, focusing on common economic and social goals will allow a new government to address fundamental quality of life issues, including traffic congestion, education and healthcare, electricity shortages and building Lebanon’s oil and gas industry.

Changing the Lebanese political narrative from a “geopolitics first” to an “economics first” focus requires three key elements:  leadership, compromise, and expert public policy analysis.

[…] Lebanon can ease its people’s daily struggles regardless of geopolitical developments. If politicians are unable to take new approaches to leadership and compromise, then citizens will have to mobilize, take to the streets – do whatever it takes to ensure their day to day lives are not held hostage to the unpredictable fortunes of the region.

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