By Georges Sassine

The majority of Lebanese residents are younger than 29 years old. The new generation of Lebanese has the responsibility to take a more active role in shaping its own future and the future of Lebanon.

Young Lebanese men and women should lead and be significantly more active in civil society, public service, and politics. We can only count on ourselves to voice our ambitions and our vision for Lebanon.

53% of Lebanese residents are under 29. The Lebanese youth should use their political power to shape Lebanon



By Georges Sassine

Why do we need a new vision for Lebanon? How will this website contribute to developing a new vision for Lebanon? And what can you do about it?


For every moment that passes, Lebanon wastes another opportunity to fulfill its potential.

Some call it the Paris of the Middle East, the Switzerland of the Middle East, the great Phoenician civilization … all past glories that couldn’t be more removed from today’s reality.

The current state of division and stagnation is not sustainable. We all agree that we cannot continue on this path. We cannot remain living in doubt, in fear, in anger and frustration.

We need a new vision for Lebanon. We desperately need new ideas, new energy, new leaders, and a new way of thinking.

How will this website contribute to developing a new vision for Lebanon?

This is why I created this website as a platform for us to develop our common vision for Lebanon. There are many things that are outside our control, and there are different points of views on many issues. But we can focus and start with the goals we all completely share.

We can think together and act together on the best ways to create opportunity and jobs in Lebanon; how to create a stable environment to raise a family; and how to adapt to a changing Middle East and a changing world economic order.

This website will combine articles, short blog posts, videos, and infographics that suggest solutions to the various issues facing Lebanon.

What can you do about it?

This effort will be successful only if you are engaged and contribute your thoughts and ideas. I invite you to comment on these blog entries, subscribe and share this website with others, and contact me with ideas you would like to publish here.

Let us together attempt to develop a new vision for this country we all so love, and let us agree on effective ways to implement it on the ground.

Because remember that every generation helps shape its own future. And this is the essential challenge of this generation of Lebanese. Let us take on the challenge and seek a better Lebanon.